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I agree to use my copy of the ISP® Exam preparation program Workbook exclusively for my personal use. I will not share or give printed or electronic copies to anyone else. I understand that doing so without permission is a violation of ISP® ethical standards and could result in disciplinary action up to, and including, denial of approval to take the ISP® exam (or revocation of my ISP® certification if this comes to light later).

By signing your name in the signature field, you are consenting to the above terms, and agreeing to allow your electronic acceptance as the named signatory become contractually binding for all legal matters contained, and to be executed herein. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this agreement, please contact an NCMS representative at, or call the NCMS office at (USA) 610 - 971 - 4856
The ISP® Exam Preparation program (EPP) is the only preparation program for the ISP® Certification that is developed and sanctioned by NCMS. While NCMS endeavors to ensure that the NCMS-provided ISP® EPP materials are current and accurate, NCMS is unable to guarantee the accuracy or currency of all program content. Use and review of the NCMS ISP® Examination Preparation Program materials does not imply or guarantee a successful outcome or result on the ISP® examination. NCMS does not review, nor does it endorse, ISP® certification examination preparation materials developed and/or advertised by any third party.